stress stress [stres] noun [uncountable]
continuous feelings of worry about your work or personal life, that prevent you from relaxing:

• a stress-related illness (= one caused by stress )

• She's been under stress at work.

• a stress management consultant (= someone who helps people deal with stress )

— stressful adjective :

• a stressful job

* * *

stress UK US /stres/ noun
[C or U] a feeling of worry and unhappiness because you have too much work or too many problems to deal with: »

Successful managers need to be able to make tough decisions under stress.


She was off work for four weeks with a stress-related illness.


More women are now working full-time, with all the stresses and strains that brings.


Workplace culture is an important factor in levels of stress.


stress management/reduction


work/workplace/occupational stress

cope with/deal with/handle stress »

Firms need to find ways of helping executives deal with stress.

experience/suffer from stress »

According to the survey, over half a million workers believed they suffered from stress.

reduce/relieve/ease stress »

Flexible work policies can reduce stress.

be under stress »

People who are under stress are more likely to have accidents at work.

cause (sb) stress »

Delays in payment cause stress and financial hardship.

a cause/source of stress »

Work is the third most frequent cause of stress.

take the stress out of sth »

Satellite-navigation systems take the stress out of driving.

[C or U] problems caused by a difficult situation: »

financial/fiscal stress

be under stress »

Many of our businesses are under stress right now because of the slow economy.

stress(es) on sth »

Disappointing figures have once again highlighted stresses on the public finances.

place/put/reduce stress on sth »

A new transmission line would reduce stress on electricity systems across the mid-Atlantic region.

place/lay/put stress on sth — Cf. put stress on sth
stress UK US /stres/ verb
[T] to emphasize something: »

We want to stress how careful we are when assessing credit risk.


It is important to stress that economic and social cohesion is a political priority of the European Union.


With the growth of the Internet, I cannot stress how important it is for new businesses to act fast in registering trademarks.


The report stressed that by proactively dealing with climate-change issues, companies can earn a voice in planning policy.

stress the importance/need »

The group has spent much of its time stressing the need for debt relief for Africa.

be keen/at pains/quick to stress »

After the budget, the Chancellor was keen to stress how the average earner with two children will be better off.

[I] INFORMAL to become very worried or unhappy because you have too much work or too many problems to deal with: »

Try not to stress too much about things.

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